Saturday, 30 December 2017

Polytunnel 2017.

Tomato seedlings starting life on the kitchen windowsill, February 24th.

Outside the big tunnel, May 22nd.

Compost bed being prepared outside the big tunnel for squash and pumpkin plants, May 22nd.
We added to the compost bed for another few weeks and the squashes were eventually planted mid- June which was simply too late for such a hot bed, so they did poorly, but we harvested some.

The idea with a fresh hot compost bed like this is to get ahead of the season, with the heat of the compost protecting the young plants from any late frosts.

 Outside the big tunnel...

... June16th.

The big tunnel, July 11th.

A dinner basket, July 26th.

Daub on the top of the small tunnel door.

Basking in the sun,  September 17th.

Mexican bush sage, Salvia leucantha, purple bell vine, Rhodochiton atrosanguineus, and Hedychium, grapes, tomatoes, yams... yes, it's a bit of a jungle but we like it! October 1st.

The back of the small tunnel, November 8th.

This years aubergines cropped heavily and early but they didn't have good flavour at all! Back to a previous variety next year.  July 11th.

Plectranthus Silver Shield in the small tunnel,  a plant grown just for the appearance of it's luminescent leaves. November 8th.

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