Thursday, 28 December 2017

Fabric printing, painting and more... 2017.

 I showed Alfie a short video painting clip posted by Irish Botanical Artist Shevaun Doherty, whereupon he was inspired to paint the flowers on the table. In true Alfie fashion the painting was given as a gift the very next day.

 Alfie saw a wildlife program about an American bird, the loggerhead shrike, that captured his imagination so he asked to find a picture so he could draw one. November 3rd.

 He drew it freehand and then coloured it in.

This is it.

Alfie drew a free hand dinosaur and coloured him in. It became a lovely 85th birthday card for his wonderful Grampa.

 Zoes hands...

... decorating a box lid.


 ... leaf printing...

Zoe used some of her sheep's wool to stuff this cushion that she made.

Alfie had an airplane production line going this summer, this was the first of a few he made and painted.


A few years ago we came across easy to use fabric paint...

....and wooden stamps

Zoe's hand printed fabrics, with seasonal themes 2016.

Alfie printing a t-shirt.

and another t-shirt with his own choice of colours and prints.

Alfie did these ones last year.

Tivon printed t-shirts too...  this one by simply laying it on the garden table and letting it dry there.

 This is just a small flavour of the various projects that we have been up to this year and last. Most of the time our creativity is too messy and absorbing for me to pick up the camera!

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