Friday, 4 July 2014

Kittens and chicks.

 On June 25th our 16 chicks hatched, and on June 26th this little kitten found a home with us.


On June 27th, (after Angus was given a few hours to digest the idea of 2 kittens), a second little kitten was brought home from the animal sanctuary. These are to be our barn cats (although currently spoiled house kittens!) with the job ahead of sorting out our rabbit trouble.

Chicks being lifted out of the incubator and put straight under the heat lamp on June 25th. We have had trouble for the last year or  two with magpies stealing the eggs from our broody hens, so we have been lucky enough to borrow an incubator.

We have named them Wattle and Daub.

This is Daub having  a little rest in the chicks area!

Yesterday, July 3rd, Amber our Kerry milk cow had a heifer calf (pictures to follow), it is all birth and mischievous young ones here at the moment. The garden is mostly planted and the house is a mess (no photos of messy house to follow)!

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