Sunday, 31 May 2015

May polytunnel.

 In the small tunnel most of the plants that were packed in here last month have been planted out in the garden.

 In the big tunnel there is plenty of growth.

and outside the big tunnel there is plenty of growth!

The barn has been cleaned out and Angus has left several barrow loads of dung/straw outside the big tunnel. This is now planted up with squash and pumpkin. Next winter this pile will go into the big tunnel to feed next years tomatoes, we do this cycle every year.
 Alfie in the big tunnel digging ...

... and dumping, May 3rd.

 The last of the tomatoe plants went in on May 3rd. I took these two photos to show how deeply I plant tomatoes, often burying about a third of the stem. The stem that will be under soil level is cleared of any leaves or shoots. The lowest leaf in this picture is only just above soil level after planting.

This transforms plants that have grown too tall and thin in pots into stocky plants again, they will send roots out along the buried stem to strengthen the plant.

Alfie digging ...

first early potatoes....

in the small tunnel.

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