Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Under planting blueberries and feeding hens.

 I removed the back from our old home-made cold frame a few years ago and it became a blueberry bed instead,  with strawberries planted underneath. The bed runs along the length of the small tunnel where the ground can be wet at times.

 The strawberries cropped well but they did compete for moisture with the blueberries at a time when the ground was at its driest and the plants were their thirstiest. The time came to replace the strawberries with something more compatible .... Poached Egg Plant, Limnanthes douglasii.

 This should work well as it grows vigorously in autumn, it's dense green foliage will protect the soil in winter and it's plentiful roots will help to soak up any excessive rain. It will flower beautifully in May and then die down completely in summer, allowing all available moisture to go to the blueberries when they are fruiting and really need it. 
In another corner of the vegetable garden the hens and turkey poults are clearing a bed and path.

From our 16 chicks that we hatched this summer only 5 are hens!

It is also the season for cutting back and dividing the early summer flowering plants near the house.
The garden season has seemed to go on and on this year, however the last few days have been very wet with more rain to come, so I may have to surrender to the indoors for awhile.

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