Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summer fruits.

 Breakfast, (Apricots, peach, raspberries, alpine strawberries).

Gooseberries, to me, are Irish grapes, prolific and delicious.

The first Apricot tree (fruits in this photo) came in in early July, with the second tree overlapping slightly. They are both supposed to be Moorepark but one was distinctly earlier with larger fruit and surprisingly, the smaller fruit was the best.

July 6th
Apricots, these were picked at the same time as those in the picture above, these ones we shared with the birds, or that the birds shared with us by leaving us half!

Kiwi flower. There were plenty of flowers on the Kiwi this year but not as much fruit has set as I would have expected. I will plant another male kiwi this winter and see if that improves the pollination.
Kiwis do go from flower to fruit very quickly. These are well grown even though they will not be ready until December.

 Tayberries for Jam.

 Alfie eating plums in the orchard today.

Plums,  I think every fruit  is my favourite when I pick it!


Peaches and Apricots.

The raspberries have been excellent this year. Most of the soft fruit does not make it into a bowl or basket.

 I love fruit, I love the taste, the smell and the sight of it. As pretty to me as a bouquet or a beautiful view...
 And...  it is fuel for garden maintenance - me and my little helpers!

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