Monday, 28 July 2014

July polytunnel

Apricots have been very good this year, This photo is on July 8th when the first apricots are just starting to ripen but there are still quite a few on the tree now.

 Alfie eating an apricot in the big tunnel. The raspberry canes, which surround the tyre sandpit, cropped very well this year and are just about finished now.

 Alfie and Tivon digging in the big tunnel. I have given up hope that the carrots planted alongside the tomatoes have any chance of surviving boys digging. Good news though, only one tomatoe plant has been irretrievably lost to boys play!

The big tunnel, grapes, tomatoes, a bare patch where Alfie digs, lots of self-seeded nasturtiums and.....

Not a pet rabbit, a pest rabbit!

Nectarines in the big tunnel. I think I have not thinned them enough.

Potatoe onions drying in the big tunnel.

Alfie shovelling sand into the tyres in the small tunnel.

Figs in the small tunnel. It has been a good year for figs, and Alfie asking for "just one more fig" gives me a chance to do "just one more job", several times over.

The little chicks are getting bigger. They are currently living in the small tunnel, eating fallen peaches and pests, having dust baths and generally eating or flattening everything!

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