Thursday, 17 July 2014

A bed (bath) of thyme.

 We used this bath to mix our clay when filling the workshop walls in with wattle and daub.
It has been empty for almost a year and I finally decided where to put it. It is a large volume to fill and I was looking for a very free draining medium to plant thyme into. 

So after filling the bottom with stone and broken pots I put in a thick layer of birch sticks which were cut down 2 or 3 years ago and topped this with a mix of soil, compost and grit.

I had raised thyme plants from cuttings and divisions, after planting they had to be covered with netting to keep the hens from scratching them up.

... after a few weeks I removed the net. Alfie finds this bed / bath perfect for driving his tractor through!



This looks like an excellent idea but I don't have the twigs? I guess any good drainage soil/sand will work.

Kim said...

Yes, I used what was to hand, so any free draining rubble would work. Our bath started out with thyme and now succulents are planted too, all loving the free drainage.