Friday, 27 June 2014

Birds nest in the bait hive.

We took the bait hive down from the eaves of the barn in April and it was filled with moss and horse hair! We forgot to put a nail across the entrance hole to make it too small for birds!  We put the box straight back up and saw a great tit going in and out a few times over the next few weeks.

  Then on June 22nd I was going into the small tunnel when I heard bees buzzing! The bees spent all afternoon trying to decide if this would make a good home, but there must have been competition from another suitable vacant hive. As evening came and the large swarm was still hanging in the crab apple tree I decided to put them in the hive Angus has recently built.

Angus took the bait hive down a couple of days later, cleaned out the nest and put a nail across the entrance so the birds won't be able to use it again. I did think that this was a very natural deep floor and probably what a swarm would often find in a suitable tree cavity.

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