Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The garden is buzzing!

Zoe (11 yrs) has taught herself how to identify Bumble bees.
The garden is filled with them, along with honey bees, wasps, hoverfly...
So far in our garden this summer  Zoe has identified 6 different species of bumble bee and 5 different species of wasps. These are her photos.
Male (he has a yellow band) Bombus lapidarius on Aster.
 Commonly known as the Red tailed bumble bee.

Bombus lapidarius worker (female) Red tailed bumble bee.

Queen Bombus lapidarius, red tailed bumble bee.
On Staychs Byzantina (Lambs' ears).

Bombus pascuorum, Common carder bee, on  Teasel.

Bombus Lucorum, White tailed bumble bee. A queen on Marjoram.

 Worker Bombus Hortorum on Teasel, collecting pollen.

Bombus lucorum male on Marjoram.

Bombus lucorum male on Marjoram.

Bombus Lucorum agg. on Marjoram.
(Agg means it is either Bombus Lucorum or Bombus Terrestris.)


A few of our garden residents photographed at the end of July.

Angus and Zoe haven't begun to identify all the different species of hoverfly... YET!

Hoverfly on a day lily

Bombus Lucorum agg. on Marjoram.

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