Saturday, 31 December 2016

Woodland edge and ponds 2016.

The big pond, March 26th.

The big pond, April 27th.

The big pond in a dry summer, August 11th.

 The big pond in a dry autumn, October 27th.

To Tivon's and Alfie's delight we took in another load of rubble/stony/sandy soil make the rough path around the big pond a bit more level by filling in dips and hollows.

 Tivon and Alfie are full of unconstrained excitement at the prospect of emptying a trailer of soil! Last year Alfie didn't want to go to the Zoo because he wanted to dig and dump soil instead, (We did go to the zoo on a different day).

Over the last Several weeks we have been coppicing willow branches at the big pond, followed by days of shredding and spreading the chippings on the paths in the vegetable patch. November 29th.
A Sika deer buck has been frequenting the garden, October 9th.

View from the table in the house, The (non-native) deer is eating the seeds from the native yellow flag iris, October 9th.

He likes the garden! November 9th.
Woodland edge May 22nd.

Woodland edge, May 24th.

Woodland edge, Rose in foreground, July 12th.

Woodland edge, Mallow in foreground, July 12th.

Alfie now likes to take flower photos too, down at the big pond, August 11th.

Rheum Palmatum at the small pond May 22nd, by July it was looking decidedly dog-eared, but to everything a season.

 Meadow sweet naturalized  in the meadow, July 12th.

Viburnum. Yew, Oak, at the big pond, May 22nd.

 Liquidambar at the big pond. December 12th.

 Over the bridge at the stream are rough steps that go over an earth bank, December 12th. 

The heron is often at the pond but here he/she is perched on the roof of the house! October 6th.

Blackbird feasting on crab apple, Malus Golden Hornet, December 4th.

Crab apple December 12th.

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