Thursday, 29 December 2016

Fruit growing in 2016.

Kiwis December 21st.

Kiwis December 21st.
Yes, they are a tangle, but I love them anyway!

Picked Kiwis December 22nd!
 They go into the fridge for a few weeks to ripen.

Kiwis, November 12th

Mespilus germanica, Medlars, December 12th.

Conference Pears, October 25th.

December 8th.

"Ellisons orange" apple, October 7th.

The Spartan apple tree, August 11th.
Spartan apples, October 12th.

Spartan apples October 27th. Dozens of different apple trees grow here but spartan is the most photogenic!

Blueberries were very good this year, a few bags full in the freezer.
They were all the better for being netted. Made them hard to photograph though!

Strawberries too.

The Orchard door, July 12th, surrounded by Japanese wineberries. This is a fenced area where the hens go to keep safe when the fox is about.

July12th, It was a great year for redcurrants.

 Redcurrants June 23rd.
Alfie loves frozen redcurrants so we have bag fulls in the freezer, along with other fruit!

There were also peaches, figs, blackcurrants, gooseberries, raspberries, jostaberries, grapes and more... So many fantastic fruit trees and bushes are available now, they are often easily propagated or are very reasonably priced, especially when bought bare root in the winter.

The birds are happy with all the fruit we grow too and I love not just the fruit but the plants in their entirety ...  their flowers, their scent, their form... and the part they play within the garden.

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