Saturday, 31 December 2016

Flowers 2016.

I have a "flower garden" post to follow, it is so long I have put these individual flower photos into a post of their own!
This Water lily came from the pond in Angus's fathers garden. October 27th.

This Fuschia I grew from a cutting, in 1997, from a plant growing in Angus's mothers garden.
November 12th.

A multi-headed sunflower grown from seed this spring, November 12th.

Yellow day lily, Hemerocallis, with Dahlia in the background, November 1st. Many Dahlia's here simply have a label saying "Newcastle market" from the North Wicklow Country Market.

Aster, grown from seed this spring, November 1st.

Rosa Wisley, November 1st.

Self-seeded Teasels, October 12th.

Frosty Teasels, December 1st.

Flower dying beautifully, December 1st

Abutilon Ashford Red October 9th.

Nerines, October 13th. 

Plectranthus argentatus 'Silver Shield', October 31st.

Nerines, October15th.

Rudbeckia cherry brandy, October 9th.

Crinum September 3rd.

Crinum September 15th. These have been growing in the garden for a dozen years flowering on despite neglect. They really need dividing!

Sidalcea malviflora with Bombus Pascorum July 24th.

Malope Vulcans, Poppies, Asters and Campanula, July 24th.

Rose June 22nd.

Papaver orientale, Oriental poppy, June 3rd.

Oriental poppy, June 3rd.

Oriental poppies, May 24th.

Oriental poppy, June 3rd.

 Iris May 28th.

  I was happy to see Magnolia Daphne unfazed after the wet winter as she is in a bit of a damp spot, May 22nd.

 Hairy Tare, Vicia hirsuta, growing in long grass along the fruit walk. Tiny wildlings bring equal joy to other flowers, June 4th.

Fritillaria meleagris, snake's head fritillary in the Meadow April 10th.

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