Saturday, 31 December 2016

Flower garden.... 2016.

 These photos begin with autumn and go back through the year....

November 1st.

November 1st.

November 1st.

Dahlia October 31st.

October 27th

October 27th


 October 25th.

October 19th.

Dahlia with Verbena bonariensis in the background, October 18th.

October 13th.

Echium pininana and Dahlia, October 13th.

October 13th.

The bed at the house, October 12th

Dahlia, Tithonia, Knautia arvensis, Agastache. October 12th.

The meadow beds, October 6th.

 Tivon and Alfie collecting seed of Malope Vulcans, They have self-seeded abundantly so this seed will all be for sharing. September 30th.

 Alfie collecting seeds.

Brothers in harmony again? Well, sometimes!

Rudbeckia trifoliate September 29th.

Dieramma, Agastache and  Echinops September 29th.

Cosmos, September 3rd.

The meadow beds. August 11th.

August 11th.

August 11th.

Crocosmia, lunaria, and echinops with the big leaves of the squash plants. August 11th.
August 16th, Alfie trimming stalks from Statice. There are so many garden jokes about Statice being old fashioned, I love to laugh, and I love Statice!

Alfie dead-heading, August 8th.

Collecting the dead-heads in his wheelbarrow, August 8th.

 Alliums, Helenium and Inula hookeri, July 10th.

Roses at the house June 22nd.

Ox-eye daisy June 22nd.
Alfie had fun throwing and catching a plant pot with a seed tray, May 24th.

Alfie asked me to take this photo and now I like it very much. It captures something of the happy life of the garden child, or perhaps it just reminds me of the happiness in the moment it was taken?

 The bed at the house, June 1st.

Bed at the house, June 1st.

Bed at the house April 27th.

April 24th.

The thyme bath July 6th.
Click here to see the post with photos of filling / planting this bath.
 It might have filled out more if I didn't keep dividing plants to grow more elsewhere.

Poppies, June 3rd.

The living room in spring, most are vegetable plants but lots of flowers from seed too, March 8th.

 I was short of small pots so I searched high and low, I eventually found 70 filled with Crassula ovata (Jade Plant / Money Plant) upstairs, Zoe (now 14 yrs) propagated them a few years ago, in response Zoe counted my plants, 690 on that particular day in February in the living room. As those went out to the tunnel and garden there were more in March and again in April!

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