Sunday, 13 November 2016


 A butterfly, being the symbol of transformation, is an appropriate subject to resume this blog with, here are a few that we saw in the garden this year.

A Peacock butterfly nectaring on Aster, both looking a little past their best as the days draw in. October 9th.

Small tortoiseshell butterfly and honeybee on Telekia speciosa, Heartleaf Oxeye, growing down at the pond. September 3rd.

Telekia was very popular! September 6th.

This mint has lovely dark stems, it was originally labelled Chocolate mint. September 3rd.

There were up to 20 Small tortoiseshell butterflies at any one time on this mint, the honeybees loved it too. September 6th

Small tortoiseshell butterfly on Eupatorium maculatum atropurpureum, Joe Pye weed. September 3rd. It's a super late season plant for bees and butterflies.

A white butterfly on Knautia arvensis, Field Scabious, this seems to flower all summer and autumn. 
The Verbena bonariensis, also in the photo, is a good nectar plant too. August 21st. 

Small copper on Aster, August 18th.

Comma butterfly on Aster, August 16th.

Painted lady butterfly on Buddleja × weyeriana, August 11th.

Small white butterfly on Brachyglottis greyi, (Senecio greyi). July 27th.

Meadow brown butterfly, July 27th. The meadow was full of meadow browns!

In the spring there were holly blues fluttering in the meadow, too unsettled for the camera and I can't remember what else during the year! 


Renovation in Galicia said...

We had very few butterflies this year, there were more in Oct than earlier on.

Kim said...

We had a fairly good summer on the East coast and reckon the butterflies here were of average numbers. I find I notice them more as the season goes on, the Asters draw them especially. I saw a red admiral the day I posted this, November 13th!