Saturday, 29 October 2016

My Sister Lesley.

 Honeyoak blog is about this place and I write very little about the amazing people in our lives. However, no man is an island and this post is a tribute towards the big part that my sister Lesley has played in our lives. 

I took this photo of Lesley on August 24th 2016 when we, all four sisters, visited Helen Dillon's garden.

 Lesley Gail Hopkins 11th May 1960 - 10th September 2016. 

 In September My Dear sister Lesley peacefully left this earthly life, she lives on in our hearts. Our sincere gratitude to the staff at SVPH, and to Lesley's many friends who were a huge support to her over the last few years.

 Lesley excelled and loved her job as a senior medical scientist in the field of laboratory and diagnostic medicine at SVUH where she began her career in 1981. One of her greatest contributions was when, in her role as lead scientist, Lesley set about transforming the tissue laboratory into a fully accredited modern unit that met the highest requirements of Irish and European law. She also worked in Information technology, quality and accreditation and has been described as multi-talented, dedicated and motivated. Lesley was an active member of the Irish clean room society, the British Haematology stem cell transplant working group and the Academy of medical laboratory science where she spent a term as chair of the transfusion and transplantation advisory body.

 Lesley was naturally sociable, kind and thoughtful, she was a true and loyal friend to many, the best daughter to our Dad and our late Mother, the very best sister to her 3 sisters and the best aunt to her 11 nephews and nieces. She traveled widely and was an excellent photographer. She could whistle and sing beautifully and was a confident public speaker. Lesley was a competitive sports person, playing hockey, then golf (Wicklow Golf club's Lady captain in 2006 and with her name on many trophies over the years) and later hill walking... and she was an accomplished cook, appreciated well-written books, spoke Spanish, played bridge, could knit complicated patterns, restored furniture,  ... whatever her pursuit, Lesley paid great attention to detail, And she had a great sense of humour and fun.

 Lesley lived life to the full, even when faced with the most challenging prognosis, she always kept a positive outlook and continued to find joy in the present moment.

 May 26th 2016, Lesley at Mt Usher Gardens.

The 4 sisters, Jean, Kim, Lesley and Jacqui, December 26th 2010.

My three sisters, Jean, Lesley and Jacqui, June 2nd in Altamont Gardens, on a sisters day out.
 I'm behind the camera!

 Lesley with Tivon a few years ago at Mount Usher gardens.

 Lesley with Alfie when he was a baby.

 Lesley and Tivon at Mt. Usher a few years ago.

When Zoe and Tivon were little.

Lesley with her beloved maltipoo dog Mia, and Tivon and Alfie at Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens.

And these three photos...

....of Lesley helping Alfie down from a large log....

show a tiny window into a moment, of a beautiful life, well lived.

"All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated ....  No man is an island, entire of itself... any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind...." John Donne.


Renovation in Galicia said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your lose Kim, but as your photos show your sister lived her life to the full.

Kim said...

Thank you Anne, Lesley really did live life to the full and her glass was always half full, always looking on the bright side.

Cathy said...

Reading about Lesley's life on your blog left me feeling so sad for your loss and the loss for the entire family. Your article also made me feel and remember the contagious joy and energy of Lesley's life. Thank you for sharing.

Kim said...

Thanks so much Cathy. It was terribly difficult to write as Lesley was such an amazing person, with so many talents and achievements and such a cheerful, outgoing personality, simply impossible to acknowledge everything. Lesley was, and we are, thankful for the time we had over the last few years. So glad to hear
you felt reminded of Lesley's vibrant energy. Love to you and yours, Kim.