Sunday, 21 February 2016

Late winter garden.

Looking into the big pond, with reflections too, February 10th. 
A few years ago, in one area of the big pond, Angus threw in stones so that the littler critters (especially dragonfly larvae) can hide from the bigger predators.

Alfie made a fishing rod with a bamboo cane and a bit of garden string.  (For play only).

 There was a mound of soil at the big pond, entangled with willow root stumps. We covered it for a year to clear the weeds and willow (which was beginning to grow) and for the last week we have been spreading it to create a path around the big pond that is level-ish. Alfie and I have almost moved it all now. Alfie still loves to dig and dump! Tivon did a bit too, as in this photo.

Snowdrops being radiant February 10th.

Frosted Echium pininana on February 11th.

Crocus on a sunny morning...

and on a frosty morning.

Roses January 11th.

Several (autumn!) raspberry canes still had fruit on January 11th.
 I haven't known them to go on for so long before.

 Frozen big pond, January 11th.

Alfie planting sweet pepper seeds January 5th.
It's only February and we have already planted a lot of seeds. Tivon decided to grow several varieties of flowers this year. Alfie wants to grow "more seeds than Tivon", and I somehow think I can do so much more this year!

Peppers and tomatoes potted on from their seedling trays, February 6th.
The house is filling up with plants, (this is just one of many plant filled windows).

A clump of Crocosmia / montbretia to be divided.

The hens preparing a new patch for summer flowers.

 We have also been cutting back brambles, pruning trees, shredding, dividing and moving perennials  and enjoying being outside!

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