Friday, 19 February 2016

Honeybees Oct-Feb. Heptacodium, Snowdrops....

Honeybees collecting pollen from snowdrops, February 10th. 

After a winter of wind and rain, with the first sign of spring the bees have sprung into action. 
While I have been quiet on the blog I have been full of activity in the garden, I have paused now and then for a photo and they will follow!  Meanwhile here are a few of the honeybees.

Snowdrops February 10th.
Little" Tete a tete" daffodils with honey bee collecting pollen, February 18th.

Hellebore February 18th. 

The Hellebores grow well in the shade of deciduous trees and will self-seed freely, but some of our plants are more shaded than others. The bees favour the flowers that are more sheltered from the wind and that receive the low winter sun, especially mid-day/early afternoon sun, when the day has warmed a little, so I will be moving a few plants and any new plants to more bee friendly positions!

Crocus, On sunny days every clump seems to have its own bee!
In the early winter the bees were on Ivy, Mahonia, Rosemary to name a few.... I just have these photos ....

October 1st.
Honeybees on Heptacodium miconioides. 

Heptacodium, commonly called the Seven Sons plant. October 1st.

2 comments: said...

Beautiful photos, what camera are you using?

Kim said...

Thank you Anne, about a year ago we upgraded from a back pocket camera to a Panasonic FZ200. The old one had a knock and I was looking for something with a zoom. I don't get the best out of it though, I use it on the auto setting.