Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Tomatoe time.

Alfie picking tomatoes.

After picking, time for some painting!

On the left, Fat Toms and Brandywines, on the right Cherokee purples. The Cherokees may not look so ripe but see the colour of the passata at the end of this post.

 This one is a brandywine.

(A different batch of) Tomatoes about to go into the oven.

 We wait for a few cool cloudy days and then light the range, this gives the hot water a boost too. All the range doors were briefly opened for a quick photo.

 On the right Chereokee purples, on the left Fat toms.

After several hours in a warm oven the tomatoes reduce in volume, this makes a rich concentrated passata.. Tivon loves to use the simple hand cranked passata machine that separates out the skins and seeds.
It may not look as if he loves it but he's concentrating! Tivon and Alfie both love to help with this!

  Passata from the Fat Toms on top, on the left Cherokee purples and Brandywines on the right.
I usually just make one batch but thought I would compare flavours this time, conclusion... they were all good!

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