Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September vegetable garden.

 Borage, phacelia, nicotiana, sunflowers and corn.

Potatoes still holding up well, Corn is very late this year.

The path down through the vegetable garden. (Yes, there is a path there!)

 Sunflower full of promise, September 5th.

Sunflower, September 5th.

September 8th.

September 13th, covered in bees.

Onions drying in the small tunnel.

 Golden hops on the barn wall.

Blauhilde beans growing up sweetcorn.

A few scarlet runners, blauhilde beans and courgettes in the dinner basket one day.

One of the kale plants with it's self sown companions of calendula and fumitory amongst others.

A good year for apples and roses.

Almost all our hazelnuts have been eaten by the grey squirrels, Thankfully we planted sweet chestnuts too, still ripening at the top of the tree.

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