Friday, 31 July 2015

July weather.

July began warm, sunny and dry and ended wet, cool and overcast.
Bumble bee visiting dierama at the pond.


Renovation in Galicia said...

Lovely photos, I was surprised when we visited a 'Sligo Secret Garden' on Monday to see so many bees on the lambs ear, now on my must have plant list although I have no idea where it will be fit in. I will have to reorganise our gardens this Autumn.

Kim said...

Our area in grass keeps shrinking to make room for the perennials I divide, propagate and add to every year! even so, there is a real battle for space as the season progresses. The lambs ear has a good long bee season, even if it looks raggedy by the end of it, Dead heading helps a bit. I will post you a rooted cutting if you like, true cottage garden plant, easy peasy to propagate!

Kim said...

Hi Anne, For your privacy I won't post your comment as it has your address. I'll put the slips in the post on Monday so they don't spend all weekend in a post office. I don't know your surname but I expect it will get to you anyway!