Friday, 31 July 2015

July bees and butterflies

July is a fantastic month in the garden! Bees, butterflies, hoverflies.... fill the air with Life.
Here are just a few snapshots.

 Comma butterfly.

 Underneath the wing the comma that gives the butterfly its name is just visible.

 This poor red admiral is very worn out! resting on Echinops.

Honeybee on the Romneya.

Honeybee on borage.

  Honeybee on Allium.

Knapweed is a principal player in the meadow.

Teasel with bumble bee.

Hoverflies on Helenium.

Bumble bee on Monarda.

Bumble bee on Telekia.

Solitary bee on  perennial Rudbeckia  brilliant star.

Spider residing in the Arum lily.

Bumblebee on Mallow in the meadow.

Common darter dragonfly.

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