Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June vegetable garden.

 Limnanthes douglasii Poached eggplant in the vegetable garden, June 6th. 
The poached eggplant is edging beds of peas and covering the beds that are to be planted with winter brassicas.

 Elephant garlic and potatoes June 6th.

The sweet pea bed June 30th. One the left peas and onions.

 Sweetcorn June 30th.

Clearing the poached eggplant when it finished flowering, June 21st

Here it is being rolled up to reveal the path it had temporarily taken over.
All the poached eggplant is cut and simply rolled up, leaving a weed free and surprisingly moist soil, given that it has been a very dry month.

This is the same bed, planted up with purple sprouting broccoli and a light covering of poached eggplant mulch to cover the soil . No digging at all and no weeds. Leeks in the bed beside with a light forget-me-not mulch to cover the soil between the rows.

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