Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June polytunnel.

The big tunnel June 28th.

Alfie picking ...

...  and eating ...

raspberries in the big tunnel.

The raspberries moved into the tunnel of their own accord several years ago (they came on underground runners from an outside planting). I love the polytunnel raspberries, they are a couple of weeks earlier than the outdoor ones and all the more appreciated for being our first real fruit glut. They don't suffer from the effects of rain should there be a wet spell and the polytunnel becomes a big fruit cage in the summer when we cover the doors with a bumblebee friendly net to keep birds out and allow pollinating insects in. They grow under the peach and apricot trees where it is too shady for other polytunnel crops such as tomatoes sweet potatoes, peppers etc...

Despite constant and valiant efforts to plant out as many potted plants as I can, the small tunnel, inside and out, seems to fill as quickly as it empties with new seedlings, cuttings and divisions.

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