Thursday, 30 April 2015

Honeybees on pear, turnip flowers, rosemary ...

Honey bee with yellow pollen sac on the turnip flowers.

April 22nd.
Broccoli, kale and other brassica flowers make good bee forage too.

Honeybee with full pollen sacs working the pear blossom on April 22nd.

Rosemary has loved the sunny weather, blooming prolifically and covered in bees, April 22nd.

Lunaria annua, Honesty has been covered in honey bees at certain times of the day. April 26th.
Last month, the peach blossom in the small tunnel was, as usual, exuberant! March 18th.

Honey bee on peach blossom, March 18th.

Chinodoxa was a very popular honeybee flower in March. This photo taken on the 18th.

In the garden Osmanthus Delavayi, currants and gooseberries have been good.
Forget-me-nots, Dandelion and crab apple are currently providing good forage too.

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