Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April Polytunnels.

First tomatoes were moved from the house to the tunnel on April 4th, (this photo April 6th).

Now most of the tomatoes are in the ground and they seem to have survived a few cold nights this month, including on the 26th when outside temperatures went down to minus -1.6C air and minus -8.6C on the ground. The peanuts, sweet potatoes and peppers in the tunnel are also unscathed by the cold nights but one or two of the grapevines have had their young leaves scorched.
 The Potatoe onions growing along side the tomatoes are filling out well.

Alfie shelling peanuts.
 This is the first year that I am trying to grow peanuts. I had not found any organic seed for sale so I bought a bag of unshelled peanuts from Nicky's fruit and Veg shop in Kilcoole. The seed is unlikely to be adapted to our climate but worth the fun anyway. Alfie and Tivon shelled them, they ate most  and...
.... planted the rest in pots in the house during the second half of March. I planted the first ones out in the tunnel about April 14th. When this photo was taken on April 18th more were being added. 

Alfie painting the slates I use to mark plants.

The small tunnel April 16th.

The small tunnel April 16th. Early potatoes well up on the right and various seedlings and cuttings in pots.
Alfie's playing area is shrinking as the small tunnel fills up.

Tivon getting a seed tray ready for sowing sweetcorn (with peat-free seed compost).

One of last summers corn cobs kept for seed, October 18th.

Tivon shelling the corn for seed.

As sweetcorn is one of the few foods Tivon loves, sowing corn has been his annual ritual for several years already.

Tivon watering in the seed.

After sowing one tray Tivon decided to swap with me ...
.... and take photos.
 Fair enough!

Kim shelling the corn, Tivon's photo.

 Kim sowing corn seed, Tivon's photo .

At the back of the small tunnel Daub has made a bed in a pile of straw under the raspberries where he lounges blissfully.

Robin perched on the grape vine in the big tunnel April 27th.

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