Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bees on gorse, snowdrops, crocus and rosemary.

 Honeybee on gorse February 13th.

Honeybee on snowdrop, February 13th. This was just after a shower of rain and the umbrella design of the snowdrop proved best for the weather.
Rosemary, provides reliable winter/spring bee forage here.

February 25th, The crocus are now in full bloom.

There are many colours...

and all kinds...

are loved by bees.

Two fat pollen sacs on this bee.

February 25th.

Bumble bees and hoverflies were visiting crocus today too.


Renovation in Galicia said...

Love your blog. I think you must be warmer in Wicklow than where we are have yet to see a bee this year. Love your crocuses, especially the yellow ones, see my latest post!

Kim said...

Thank you! We are not far from the sea and compared to sites several miles inland we get much less snow in winter and our summer temperatures can be cooler due to the sea breeze.

I read about your disappearing yellow crocuses! your purple ones are lovely.