Monday, 17 November 2014

Rain and shine.

Photos from the garden so far this November....

 Abutilon Ashford red on November 14th.

Zoe and Tivon playing in the rain!

 One of the Acers at the big pond is still in leaf.

After completely soaking their clothes one day, Zoe and Tivon came up with the idea of wet suits for our November weather!

Embothrium in flower!

This is why the swing was so much fun in the rain!

Nerine, unfazed by the downpours.

Arbutus unedo (strawberry tree), fruit starting to turn red, November 14th.

The sand pit was full to the brim with the rain.

 Foxglove in flower.

The stream was right up to the bridge.

 Fatsia japonica.

 This has been November so far! lots of rain and occasional bursts of blue skies.

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