Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October polytunnel.

After a lovely dry September we had lots of dry grass cuttings from the meadow.

Which we spread in the big tunnel.

Alfie placing the grass around the lettuce.

Alfie planted the winterkiefe peas (on the left) and they came up very quickly, he says "when they grow they will be delicious". He says that every time we plant something!
This was the last picking of aubergine. The peppers and tomatoes are still cropping, although the glut is over.

Lots of passata made with all the tomatoes.

The sweet potatoes are growing centre-top with Daub guarding the lettuce to the left, Good job!

  I won't lift the sweet potatoes until the tops are touched with frost, they are still growing strongly.

 Figs from the small tunnel, October 25th.

The crab apple at the small tunnel.

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