Friday, 10 October 2014

Honeybees on escallonia, nasturtium, evening primrose...

The evening primrose has self seeded itself in the vegetable patch and is very popular with the honeybees.
 This bee on the evening primrose has a yellow pollen sac. 

 The vegetable patch has large swaths of Calendula / marigold but I rarely see honeybees on them.

 The Chilean myrtle continues to be a wonderful bee magnet.

 A couple of the early swedes have bolted and the bees are enjoying the flowers. This bee has an orange pollen sac.

  The escallonia bifida....

... is a mass of flowers and humming with the sound of happy bees...

 .. and a few butterflies.

  The escallonia bifida is here in the centre.

 The Rosemary is in flower, AGAIN, ALREADY! (She flowered all through last winter and spring until May and had bee visitors during any reasonable weather).

The nasturtiums have been flowering for months but only in the last week or two have I seen honeybees visiting them. A bright orange pollen sac on this bee.

 Asters, Sedum, Phacelia, mints, oregano, borage and echium are all continuing to offer bee-forage too.

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