Saturday, 20 September 2014

Tivon's photos.

Tivon took lots of photos on September 16th, Tivon will be 9 years old soon.

 Alfie lopping branches.

 Alfie digging.

I am also digging a hole to plant a couple of home-propagated Bay trees.

The ground is hard and dry!

 The Kerries, Sooty greets Heather.

Heather and Amber with the calf Clover.

 Sweet pea in the field with the sheep.

 Sweet pea helping us mow the meadow. Tivon took this photo the following day.

 This turkey has gone broody and has been sitting on a clutch of eggs beside the barn.
 She has just popped out for a bite to eat.

Nettle, thistle and Lee.


Cathy said...

Please let Tivon know that we enjoying seeing his photographs. --Cathy

Honeyoak said...

Thanks Cathy, he had fun taking them.