Saturday, 27 September 2014

September polytunnels.

In the small tunnel we (Alfie and I) have been busy propagating, the bench and the tables outside are packed.
Above the bench, the fig tree is having a second crop after a gap of a few weeks.

Alfiie took a photo of me pruning the peach tree.

Grapes are ripe in the small tunnel.

In the big tunnel Alfie helps, using the secateurs to cut the old leaves from the tomatoe plants.
Winter lettuce, spinach and Winterkiefe peas have been planted.

 The sweet potatoe would like to take over the polytunnel...

.... so all the trailing stems need to be folded back over the plant ... prevent the plant making new roots along these stems, as seen in this photo.
The plants energy needs to go into making sweet potatoes instead.

Meanwhile Angus made a new plug for the water butt in the big tunnel which had been leaking for a while...

...and I sealed around it on the inside with clay...

....while Alfie replaced the soil around the base with his dumper...

... and the Robin surveys.

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