Saturday, 13 September 2014

Garden and meadow.

"Garden photos" usually means "vegetable garden"! So for a change, here are a few views of other areas.

 Even though it has been a very wet year so far, the water levels are way down in the big pond. It has no lining and is only filled by the water table and a small overflow storm drain from the barn area.

 This is a small mixed hardwood copse, mostly oak, in a corner of the field / garden, near the big pond. Angus planted it about 14 years ago and the thinnings provide wood for the range. The evening light is wonderful at this time of year.

 The view from the front door changes from month to month.

Rudbeckia beside the bath of thyme.

Going from the big tunnel to the play area and meadow.

The gate to the small tunnel and vegetable patch,

In front of the small tunnel. I am encouraging the Marjoram to move into the gravel, it is a wonderful plant for bees and butterflies.

 Aster and sedum dominate the early autumn garden, delighting the bees ...

... and butterflies.

The Joe pye weed is also ...

a butterfly magnet.

The Romneya coulteri (or Californian tree poppy)
  flowers go on and on, such a joy.

The meadow.

Perennial sweet pea in the meadow. August 20th.

Meadow sweet in the meadow June 28th.

Tivon and Alfie lifting the hay from the meadow August 30th.

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