Saturday, 16 August 2014

Summer Bumble bees.

Just a few photos of the many bumble bees so far this summer.
I love this picture with the 2 packed pollen sacks.

Bombus Pratorum on Borage, July 26th

Bombus Pascuorum pollinating the Japanese Wineberry, June 25th.

Bombus terrestris queen flying amongst Poached egg plant, (Limnanthes douglasii).
Bombus Lucorum Agg. on Spirea japonica "goldmound".

 Bombus Pratorum on ox-eye daisy, June 9th. Ox-eye daisy's have self-seeded abundantly.

Bumble bee on poached egg plant, forget-me-nots in the picture too, June 9th.
Bombus Hortorum on foxglove.  Fox-gloves too have self-seeded with wild abandon. June 9th.

Bumble bee on leek, July 3rd.

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