Saturday, 2 August 2014

Re-seeding in front of the barn.

With 20 inches of rain over winter it was a BIG puddle in front of the barn in February.

As soon as it dried out we dug a trench and filled it with stones for drainage. I re-seeded the area but had to cover it with this fleece (left over from Angus's potatoe growing days) to keep the hens from scratching and eating the seeds.

The ground cover of clover and phacelia really was this
 luscious green when I took the fleece off.

....and it took the hens all of 2 minutes to start pecking the lovely tender clover tips.
July 25th
 The hens and turkeys have continued to do a good job keeping the area pecked short.

In May this rose planted at the barn finally bloomed 4 years after planting,

It came with the label Rosa Banksia "Lutea" but the flower is single, I think it is much nicer than other pictures I have seen of Lutea and the scent is lovely. It has almost no thorns at all.

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