Friday, 8 August 2014

Hoverflies abound but very few wasps.

 Hoverflies and a honeybee on Papaver somniferum (opium poppy). August 6th.

 Ditto. August 6th.

 Hoverflies on a Rudbeckia that I grew from seed this spring.

 Hoverflies on aster.

There are so many hoverflies in the garden it is wonderful , there is such a whoosh and a buzz when I pass a popular plant. The Marjoram / oregano is one of the best at the moment.
August 6th
This very large parasitic wasp was in the small tunnel, unfortunately I don't have a photo to show the scale but it was about 50mm from head to tail.  (Large insects are a novelty in Ireland!)

I took this photo in June of ants farming aphids on the elder tree beside the small tunnel. I might have squashed the aphids or made up a soapy spray with dish washing liquid and water while there were only a few, but no, I took a photo instead!

 The tree became so infested that it was horrible! (too horrible for a photo) and I was ready to make small measures to redeem the situation by spraying with a hose, when I had time! which didn't happen. There has now been an explosion of hoverfly who are feasting not just on the flowers in the garden but also on the aphids on the elder tree. Hurrah for natural balance, even if it was swinging way off for a while.

I also took a few wasp photos in June which I thought I would add to, but no, so FEW wasps this year.
Tree Wasp.
Honey bees, Bumble bees, Wasps and Hoverflies all love the Australian Mint, (Prostanthera Cuneata) which flowers in June.

Wasp pollinating the crimson flowered broad bean in June.
Wasps were also pollinating the peas on the same day.

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