Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Carrot and onion harvest.

 The rabbit (one of many rabbits!) found the carrots in the big tunnel but luckily munched through all the tops first before starting on the roots. To save the crop Tivon lifted them,

 Alfie was, as usual, an eager helper.

  We usually leave the carrots in the ground and harvest as required, so it was interesting to see how many carrots there were. They weighed in at 5kg +. with the tops off. Not bad for a short row, considering we have been picking out the biggest ones as needed since June.

 While Tivon and Alfie harvested carrots, I strung the potatoe onions and then Tivon helped to cut off the tops that stick out.

 and of course, Alfie helped too!


Cathy said...

I was doing a bit of catching-up on your blog posts. The photos of the insects and flowers are extraordinary, but I love the ones with the children best. Thanks for bringing nature into our very citified lives.

Honeyoak said...

The children really are great, I don't have the camera with me most of the time and so often I wish I did, Last week we were collecting logs from the woods, Alfie with a small wheelbarrow and me with a big one, he was (is) just too cute!