Saturday, 28 June 2014

June polytunnel

This was our 2nd picking of early potatoes from the small tunnel (June 3rd) and our first picking of baby broad beans from outside. We eat the first broad beans pods and all, like mange-tout.

The raspberries are so successful in the tunnels. A net over the door keeps the birds away and they are good rain or shine. Raspberries like to hide under the leaves, there are always more than it seems at first.

These were a few of the first raspberries, June 2nd.

This photo shows the new fruiting raspberry cane (green) for next year coming up alongside the cane currently carrying this years fruit (brown). These are summer raspberries and after fruiting the brown cane is cut down near the ground.

I came across these toadstools in the big tunnel while I was weeding early in June.

The leeks have been growing on in the increasingly shady small tunnel. This is the last of 4 trays, just before they are planted out, June 7th.

First cherry tomatoes ripe on June 18th.

Alpine strawberries are fruiting prolifically in the big tunnel

Apricots in the big tunnel, This photo, June 25th, not quite ripe yet.

Peach tree in the big tunnel, The first peach was ripe on June 27th.

The turkey poults are still in the big tunnel, enjoying dust baths and pecking at greens, they are not causing too much trouble (yet) but they will go outdoors soon.

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