Sunday, 29 June 2014

June garden

Early Potatoes just coming into flower and Poached Egg Plant in full bloom, June 3rd.
Crimson flowered Broad bean
Pea flower.
Poached egg plant on the left, Peas on the right June 3rd.

 Alfie has been feasting on the peas.

Poached eggplant in the foreground, next the freshly planted leeks and behind, the main crop potatoes, June 7th.

When the Poached egg plant finished flowering I cut it at ground level to make way for turnips and cauliflowers.
I then used some of the plants as mulch for nearby rhubarb, The poached egg plant will self-seed wherever they grow and wherever the old plants are left to die down and drop their seed.

Looking down on the veg. patch June 20th. It has been a very dry month.

 Night time visitor!
A rabbit has been eating the sweetcorn, caught on camera by trail-cam.

Despite the rabbit sweetcorn is growing well. Potatoes in flower in the background and the yellow flowers at the back are parsnip in flower for seed, June 27th.

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