Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dragonfly and damsefly season.

The first Emperor Dragonflies were seen emerging from the pond on May 17th this year. The kitchen table was, for a while, littered with exuviae (the skin the dragonfly sheds after emerging out of the water) , Angus has counted more than 100 two year old exuviae from the small pond during May and early June and this week there were 18 more one year old exuviae.

Emperor Dragonfly exuvia May 19th
  1 year old exuvia
2 year old exuvia
This Emperor dragonfly had just emerged and it's wings were stuck together. Angus separated them and it was able to fly off.

 Large red Damselfly May 25th
Azure Damselfly May 21st 

Angus spotted this Scarce Blue-tailed damselfly on June 23rd.

 Emperor Dragonfly laying eggs. June 23rd

Emperor Dragonfly just emerged, June 23rd
We don't have a photo, but Angus saw an Emperor dragonfly eating a honeybee.... 

......the circle of life.

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