Friday, 30 May 2014

May polytunnels

May 10th
The Winterkiefe peas on the right are towering over everything.

The flower of Winterkiefe pea. A hardy over wintering variety from Irish Seedsavers. It is very hardy and doesn't need to be grown under cover but does provide an early crop of mangetout in the polytunnel. The flowers have a wonderful scent.

 Winterkiefe mangetout.

 The first summer Raspberries in the small tunnel are ripe. They fill in the corners of the tunnel, growing under the peach and grapes, with a very welcome early crop. The only maintenance is cutting down the old stems when they have finished fruiting and a bit of string to hold them back.

 Shield bugs LOVE raspberries plants. They are harmless creatures with an odd charm. 
Here a pair share the joys of spring.

 The Apricots continue to fill out.

 This bed in the big tunnel is suffering neglect, although it looks none the worse for it. (I would much rather see a jumble of plants and flowers than bare soil).
There is a row of lettuce hiding in the middle.

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