Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May garden

May 1st
The beds of bright green are Poached Egg Plant with the very first flowers opening.
May 1st
Forget-me-nots growing in the runner bean-to-be bed. The honey bees and bumble bees all enjoyed the Forget-me-nots and they make good ground cover.

May 9th

May 9th
Swiss Chard has been planted in the garlic bed. with Crimson clover seed planted along the edges.

May 12th
The yellow flowers are kale plants in flower. They grew to about 6 foot tall or more.
  I grew 3 varieties last year, a red Russian, a curly Irish and Cavolo nero Italian kale, about 6 plants of each. The Italian flowered first, they are 3 shades of yellow and the honey bees are on the Russian the most, bumbles more on the others.

May 21st
  Crimson clover and poached egg plant are growing among the potatoes and peas. Or perhaps I should say, the potatoes and peas are growing among the Crimson clover and Poached Egg plant!

May 21st
 Looking down the path in the vegetable garden.

May 21st
 Some of the Poached Egg Plant is cleared for sweet corn and squash.

May 25th
 Early potatoes, Poached Egg Plant and Purple Sprouting Broccoli in flower for the bees.

We have had no significant frosts this spring. This year I did not have to cover the Early Potatoes (seen here in the foreground) as I usually do.

The vegetable garden is filled with the buzz and hum of bees, but the Poached Egg Plant is the greatest honey bee magnet of all.
 In a few weeks I will need to clear gaps in this bed to plant Cauliflowers.

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