Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Honeybees on Snowdrops, Crocus, Rosemary and Mahonia.

There has been so much rain recently but the bees are out when they get the chance.
All these photos were taken this morning.

On the Rosemary.


 On the Mahonia. This is a second bush and a different variety to the Mahonia Charity that was in flower in December.

 On the Snowdrops collecting pollen.

 On the Crocus.

 The crocus are increasing their appearance. Hives in background.

 No shortage of water, for which I remind myself to be thankful.
Photos can be deceiving! This photo (and all the recent rain) makes the pond look quite large.

I took the covers off the windows for a quick photo.  These are the two small swarm colonies with unfinished combs.
Great to see the bees out today, however winter is far from over.......

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